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If you’re interested in advertising on this website ( the information below to assist you with your decision.  All ad slots are run for one month by default.

Our site attracts several thousand visitors and tens of thousands of page views each month and is growing all the time, with both male and female visitors principally in the 16 – 38 years age bracket.  Our site attracts visitors mainly from English speaking countries and most of our traffic comes from the US, UK, Canada and Australia (in that order).

We are currently offering 3 advertising locations on our website as shown below:

Advertise with us - Muscle BuildingFitness Advertising

Location 1 – Top of Homepage

The first location is the prime position at the top of the homepage and we accept 1 ad, 468 pixels wide x 60 pixels high. If you purchase this slot, then your advertising banner has this position exclusively and it is not rotated with any other advertisers banner.  This ad does not appear on inner pages and is only visible on the homepage.

Location 2 – Sidebar

The second ad slot holds a prime position directly below our sidebar sign-up form and just above the popular and recent posts widget, so you know plenty of eyes will see it!  What is great about this location is that it appears on the homepage as well as nearly every other page on the site (barring a few squeeze pages etc). Your artwork needs to be 300 pixels wide x 250 pixels high for this slot and again, we accept only 1 ad and advertiser for this slot per month, so you will hold this position exclusively.

Location 3 – Bottom of Articles

The third ad slot will be located at the bottom of all of the articles on the site, next to the recent posts section and above the comments section.  It won’t matter what article the visitor elects to read or comes to the site through, your ad will be displayed and gives a great opportunity for repeated exposure. Please be aware that this ad is not displayed on the homepage, but instead on the bottom of every article. The artwork for this ad should be 300 pixels wide x 250 pixels high, and again we accept only 1 ad and advertiser for this slot each month so you will hold this position exclusively.


Current Advertising Rates

To allow you to plan your advertising budget better, we use a flat advertising fee per month schedule rather than a cost per click (CPC) or cost per impression (CPM) schedule. This is great news for you as the more appealing your ad is, the higher the click-through-rate and the better value you get!  Keep in mind that we are always adding new content to the site so as it grows and the visitor base grows the more views you will receive.

Ad slot 1 – Top of Homepage – Currently price is US$40/month

Ad Slot 2 – Sidebar – Currently price is US$80/month

Ad Slot 3 – Bottom of Articles – Currently price is US$60/month

The rate is for one month which is defined as 30 days.

Payment is only accepted via Paypal.

Once a booking has been confirmed, we guarantee the price will not change.  For example, if you have booked for several months in advance and payment has been made this is the guaranteed price you will receive even if our ad slot prices rise.

In the case where more than one advertiser has expressed an interest in booking the same slot, we reserve the right to select the advertiser and may take into consideration the parties advertising history or future advertising prospects with our site, as well as the offer that is most relevant to our users. If appropriate we may approach all parties and inform them that there is another advertiser interested, at which time we may open the booking to offers and we may accept the highest bid.  We will consider it to be distinctly in your favor if you are booking multiple months in advance.


All artwork needs to be approved before it will be displayed on the site.  Please ensure your ads adhere to the following standards or they may not be approved on the site.

All ads must be a minimum of 72 dpi, maximum of 100dpi and not greater than 1MB is size.

Static or animated advertising is permitted.

We require .png, .jpg or .gif files as it is unclear if other file types will be able to be displayed.

The image quality and artwork of the ad is your responsibility and we will add it to the site as is.  If a higher quality image is required this is your responsibility.  We will try and enhance the image if possible, and we reserve the right to do this, however we cannot guarantee this service.

Once the advertising is running, it will remain there for the month.  We don’t allow you to change your banner during the month unless prior arrangement has been made (for example if an offer expires at some point during the month we may allow this). We may change the banner if there is a glaring error that needs to be fixed and although we will do our best to accommodate you this is not guaranteed.

Types of Sites We Allow

In order to protect our visitors and the association of our site with other sites we consider undesirable, all advertising will need to be approved by us.  We reserve the right to refuse advertising to anyone at anytime.  Just remember, we own this site, it is a privilege to have us display your advertising, not a right, and we consider the experience of our users very important. By advertising on our site we recommend that you should be trying to attract legitimate visitors, not search engine spiders and rankings.

We do allow advertising for some legitimate dating or sites intended for adults, but they must be tasteful, legal and not display nudity or be overtly sexual as we do have minors that visit our site.

We do allow advertising for some pharmacy/supplement sites but only if in our opinion no illegal or dangerous activity is being promoted. For example we will not allow advertising that promotes steroid use, or certain male organ enhancements (you know the ones!).

We do allow your banner to hyperlink to a squeeze page or another page where users may voluntarily choose to opt-in to an offer. By this we mean that yes we do allow you to use this advertising to build your list. We recommend that you provide a great value offer as an incentive to increase the probability that a visitor will sign up and advise you that we have several giveaways on our site so our visitors may expect this kind of offer.

Please understand that we need to ensure that our site links to other quality sites and not link farms and we may use our discretion to decide if your site is suitable.  We do not allow advertising from sites that promote illegal, pornographic, overly sexual, hateful or religious activities as well as scam, phishing or other sites that we deem to be inappropriate.  All hyperlinks will be no follow, so advertising purely for the purpose of improving your website rank will be ineffective.

Final Notes

We do not guarantee any number of clicks on your advertising, that depends on how good your ad and your offer is.

We reserve the right to edit, change or alter these terms at any time, or to refuse advertising to anyone at anytime.

Contact Us

To find out when the next opportunity is available, please send an email to:

Please use “Advertising Opportunity” as your subject line, and include details about your site, artwork (if available), and contact details in the body of your message.

We try and respond to all messages as soon as possible but please allow 2 days for a response.

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