Best Muscle Building Exercises

We exercise for different reasons. Some exercise to gain weight, some to reduce fat, and some simply want to build muscles. Thus, depending on your purpose, there are many different exercises you can do with the help of a gym trainer. Begin by knowing what you aim to achieve in order create the exercise plan appropriate to your needs. Find the perfect exercise schedule and be sure that your body is well prepared for the kind of exercise regimen you have chosen. Supply your body with enough protein and energy to perform intense workouts. If you get into a serious workout schedule without any preparations, you can surely get in trouble. Here are some muscle-building exercises you can choose from:

Best Muscle Building Exercises


The push-up is the most basic exercise for beginners. Push-ups can increase body strength and build muscles in the upper body at the same time. Start by doing as many push-ups as you can comfortably do and slowly build up the number of repetitions. This exercise uses muscles in the different parts of the body.


Deadlifts can only be done by those are already familiar with the proper technique. You must also have the appropriate strength and stamina before attempting to do deadlifts. Deadlifts are the ultimate weight gain tools which can increase or enlarge muscle tissues. Gaining muscle is thus very easy with deadlifts. Be sure you in are in the proper form before lifting heavy weights.

Military press:

The military press puts an immense level of stress on the body, thereby increasing muscle growth. While doing the lift, be sure to contract your muscles by breathing properly.  Contracting the muscles will give your abdominal muscles a sharper look.


The benchpress is an excellent way to build muscles in the upper body. The benchpress is achieved by simply lying with your back on the bench and pressing a weight straight up to the ceiling.  It is an excellent exercise for developing the size and strength of the muscles in your chest, shoulders, and triceps.


Squats are good for increasing the strength and the size of the muscles on your legs. Squats can be really uncomfortable especially for beginners, so it is not often done by weight trainers. This exercise not only adds size to your legs, it’s a total body workout as well.

Dumbbell deadlifts:

Lifting lightweight dumbbells can make you lose weight or gain lean muscles.  On the other hand, lifting heavyweight dumbbells helps you gain more muscle mass in your biceps. Get the required effect by doing the lifts within a specified number of sets and repetitions.

Seated overhead triceps extension (reverse grip):

This exercise is best for increasing your triceps muscles. This is because the triceps respond best to heavy loads and overhead movements. Reverse gripping is done to put the entire weight on the triceps thus making you gain bigger muscles in that area.

To effectively gain muscle mass, select the exercise that is most suited to your needs. With the right exercise, you will achieve your goal.

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