Best Muscle Building Workouts

Muscle building has become the aim of many youngsters and adults alike, and that is why you can find more and more people going to the gym these days. This desire has motivated not just men but women as well who may initially hope to perhaps stay fit and slim by going to the gym but who end up wanting to build muscles too.

There are many who intend to gain muscle by just staying at home and working with home equipment. It is not necessary that you have to follow what the gym trainers say and depend on only those hard and heavy weight workouts. Muscle gain is possible even if you stay at home and perform some simple exercises without weights. Here you can find the best muscle-building workouts that can be done anywhere.

Best Muscle Bulding Workouts


Pull-ups are a very common exercise and they need to be done if you really wish to gain muscle. Pull-ups can build your back and arm muscles. They can also increase strength on your shoulders and arms. There are many types of pull-ups which you can do any time. You can pull yourself up by your hands and do pull-ups with your hands close together or placed wider apart.


Push-ups should be one of the first exercises you do to start your intense workout plan. You can do push-ups by balancing on chairs which can stretch your chest muscles. They are beneficial for increasing muscle in your chest, shoulder, and arms. Handstand pull-ups are more intense workouts that can be done only if you are focused. The entire load falls on your arms and shoulders, increasing stability and strength in these areas.


Squats are normally for increasing muscles on your legs. The weight you carry should not be too heavy that it may injure your ankles. When you start with a squats workout, try squats with light weights first before moving on to heavier weights. The entire foot sole has to be flat on the floor and the positions should not be changed while doing the exercise. Keep your hands out from the knees.

Triceps dips:

Triceps can be enhanced if you perform some dips by placing your hands behind your body. Place your hands on the seat of a chair, while your back is to the chair. Your thighs should now be parallel to the chair’s seat. Next, move as if you are standing up from and sitting down on an invisible chair, with only your hands on the seat for support, and your feet touching the ground. An arm can look great with muscle if both biceps and triceps are developed and this is why triceps dips are essential.

Bar dips:

Bar dips are done by lifting your entire weight off the floor with your hands rested on parallel bars. This is very intensive and can’t be done easily if you are a beginner. Make sure the legs are not touching the ground.

These are just a few exercises that can be done to build muscles but without using any weights. There are many weight-enabled exercises that can be considered as the best muscle-building workouts. Such intensive workouts may include bench presses, deadlifts, military presses, and more. Whatever you choose, don’t repeat a same set every day and don’t have the same grip on the weights. Any exercise you do should be able to provide you with benefits and not be harmful to your health.

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