Fast Muscle Building Advice from the World’s Best Fitness Trainer

Muscle building is like an art. Not everyone can build perfect muscles; it requires extreme strength and dedication. You can’t expect to build muscles quickly without following a proper schedule and good food habits. A healthy diet accompanied by intense workouts is the main thing that will help you build your muscles fast and give you a standout physique. Unfortunately there are people however who never experience substantial results, even after extended workouts and stringent diet plans.

It has been found that the same workouts and food habits, when followed by different people, often give different results. You can’t expect the same results in everyone since every individual’s body is different.

What you should do is analyze your body structure and find out what your body type is. Go for workouts that will be most apt for your body type. You might have noticed skinny guys eating a lot, being overactive, and performing numerous exercises. But you might not be able to observe any muscle buildup in them. This is primarily because of the genetic make-up of their bodies. This does not mean that skinny guys cannot build muscle however; of course, they can build muscles. The thing is though that they need to follow a routine that is a little different from that followed by people with a different genetic make-up.

Muscle Building


Role of Hormones in Muscle Building:

The hormones in our body play a key role in muscle building.  If your body’s testosterone level is low, you will need to find a way to increase it. Most of the bodybuilding protein supplements increase muscle mass by triggering and increasing testosterone levels, which then increases the formation of new muscle tissues. Skinny guys may be lacking in such hormones, which is why they are thin and find it hard to build muscles fast.

Eat Often Than Eating More Once:

People have a habit of eating so much, but only eating 3 times a day. Instead of having heavy meals 3 times in a day, shift to eating 6-8 times daily, but in smaller quantities. However, ensure that the  food you consume is rich in protein. Have a regular schedule for eating, and plan your meals carefully, even if they are in ‘snack’ proportions. By doing so, your body will have energy to utilize whenever you need it, leading to proper metabolism and muscle growth. Do not add too many carbohydrates and fat-rich foods to your diet, as these tend to slow metabolism and cause fat deposits in the body.

Know your capability:

It is very common among skinny guys: They think that they have already eaten a lot and stop eating, when the amount they have consumed is hardly enough to supply the required energy to the body. This will make you tired and hungry within a very short period. You need to have a well planned food routine and consume the right quantities of food each time you have your meals. Another important thing that you must never forget is your breakfast. If you miss your breakfast, you’ll find building muscles a very difficult task.

Start from The basics:

Another common mistake that people make when trying to gain muscle is following a heavy workout schedule right from the beginning. This will make your body struggle and even cause side effects. Workouts must be such that you can perform them without much stress or struggle initially as you need to condition your body to handle the new load. You need to start from the basic exercises and advance to the tough ones gradually. This also applies to your eating habits. Don’t eat everything that’s served in front of you. Simply have a proper diet plan and start from the basics when it comes to working out.

Force yourself and lift heavy weights:

After you have gone through the basics and believe that you are thoroughly prepped for a heavy workout, go into a tough workout schedule. Using light weights with gradually increasing reps will help increase your strength, while heavy weights will help you build muscles very fast. You can do dead lifts, bench presses, and squats. When you are into a heavy workout schedule, don’t forget to match it with a heavy food diet. Otherwise, your body will not get sufficient energy to bulk up.

Drink Sufficient Water:

Without water, none of the body systems will function properly. When you are under a heavy workout schedule, drink sufficient water whenever you have a break. You will lose so much water whenever you engage in a heavy workout. The water that is lost from your body must be replenished regularly. Water cleanses the entire body and enhances body metabolism, which in turn helps in muscle building and weight gain.

These are the basics you must follow in order to build muscles fast, without any harmful side effects.

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