A Few Muscle Building Mistakes That You Must Know

Muscle building seems to be a simple process where you engage in a lot of workouts and complement these with a healthy diet. It may look simple but there are additional factors that help you gain muscle rapidly and with more consistency. You must be sure of the level your fitness is at and base your workout on that; this will depend on what condition your body is in. Here are some mistakes many people commit in their efforts to build muscle, which prevents them from achieving the desired effects.

Muscle Building Mistakes

Avoiding basic exercises

Normally, when a person is intent on increasing muscle mass, they tends to immediately proceed with the program and the preliminary basic weight-free exercises and the stretches are often forgotten, skipped or avoided. Getting into heavy weight training can make your body experience sudden changes, and because there is insufficient warming up or stretching, an injury may occur which will prevent or hinder the development of bigger muscles.

Inconsistency in workouts

When you have a fixed schedule, you tend to go with what you think is effective and move on to your favorite routines, in the process avoiding other exercises. You should however stick to a program and resist the urge to just do whatever you feel like doing in that session. Building muscle relies on the regularity of certain movements, with gradual increases in stress. Make a plan for the week and reassess your body conditions before you set a new schedule that is appropriate for your current capacity.

Not eating to the limit

Most skinny guys think they have eaten more food than their limit. This is the wrong mindset because when your objective is to increase muscle mass, you need to have more calories than usual. Eat more food, preferably a variety of fresh and healthy foods and stick to the diet plan. Not eating enough fuel but still performing the prescribed exercises can leave your body gasping for more energy and calories.

Skipping schedules

If you have a perfect routine planned out, you need to follow through with consistency. Often, people adjust their plans and try to compensate by making up for missed exercises, but this is not advisable. If you are bent on growing muscle, you must keep in mind that schedules are to be followed, not skipped. Schedules are based on scientific research, and when they are skipped progress is hindered.

Avoiding leg exercises

Many individuals perform heavy, intensive workouts that focus on the upper body. We normally perform heavy weight lifts to increase muscle in our arms and shoulders as they are very visible, and in the process neglect the legs as they are often hidden under long pants or jeans. However this makes your body lose its natural shape. It is also not recommended because the legs support the upper body structure so it is only logical that if you bulk up on top, you also need to have strength in the lower body to support the extra weight and avoid injury to the hips, knees and ankles.

Lack of rest time to restore muscles

Working out to build muscle is possible only if the muscles are given enough time to restore. We normally work out for long hours and these days we seem to sacrifice sleep pretty readily. Sleep is the best way to give the muscles time to relax, replenish their fuel stores and most importantly, grow. Losing sleep means that your muscles are constantly being used don’t have time off to build.

Lack of focus

Focusing on what we do is not easy for many exercisers. If you work out for long hours without interest, your execution of the exercises suffers and unfortunately so do you muscle gains. If you can, free yourself from other distractions before settling down with a program.

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