How to build back muscles

Many people nowadays are very eager to build their back muscles as they provide an abundance of functional strength and help stabilize the body. Strong back muscles also help to protect us from back injury. According to expert bodybuilders, a solid back is not just about the width, but also about the thickness. People who are interested in building their back muscles can follow the below mentioned exercises in this article.

Build Back Muscle

Dead lift:

Dead lift exercises are performed mostly with bars, plates, and fixed barbells. Don’t ever use heavier weights than you cn handle as you will end up injuring yourself. It is recommended that you start with lighter weights and make sure you get your technique right before increasing the weight. By doing this, muscles like the hamstrings, quadriceps, gluteals, and lower back muscles will also be trained to cope with the technique.

To start, take a light-weight barbell. Position yourself with feet about shoulder width apart. The hands should assume a staggered grip on the bar, which is light. The grip should have one hand holding the bar with the palm under the bar, and the palm of the other hand over the bar. The grip on the bar can either be wider or narrower. The head must be aligned with the back’s neutral spine position.

Now, after establishing your position, lift the bar by just pushing the legs up but make sure that your back is kept straight. At this point, you should be careful that hips are not raised first. After lifting the bar, stay in the same position for some time and then reverse the motion and leave the bar on the floor.

Bent over:

This exercise might look like an arm exercise, but this is the one which is done for building the back muscle. This exercise can either be done as a cable row by sitting down, or an upright row by standing up, with either dumbbells or bars. The upright row will improve the muscles of the shoulders and the trapezius muscle, which is the muscle around the neck. The bent over rows can either be done with one arm or two arms. While doing these workouts, however, the main thing to consider is that the back must be very straight at the time of bending.

Pull down:

Doing pull downs exercise and develop the areas of the lats, the shoulders, and the arms. You should sit comfortably, with the thigh pads underneath for support. The support is actually to avoid the rising of knees while the weights are pulled down. After establishing your position, pull down the weight up to the level of the chest. Do not force the bar above that level, and soon after reaching that level, slowly release the bar back to its original position.

Seated cable row:

This exercise is done on a horizontal cable machine, which has a bench and a foot plate. Muscles like the forearm muscles and flexors and the upper arm muscles will be worked on while doing this exercise, as well as the erector spinae, the lats, and the rear delts. When performing this exercise, you should sit down with your knees bent. After establishing your position, pull the weight back. While doing this exercise, the back should be straight and the shoulders should be squeezed. After some time, release the weight and have it return to its original position.

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