How to build calf muscles

Building calf muscles is also important, but most of us neglect them in exercise routines. A majority of bodybuilders normally wish to develop only the upper part of our body and often ignore the lower body. Building just the upper part of the body is not recommended because it is necessary for the legs to be just as strong as they support the entire body. It is unfortunate that only athletes pay a lot of attention to the lower part of the body, specifically the calf muscles. Running and jogging are considered good exercises for keeping your calves fit and healthy, but they certainly cannot develop or enlarge the muscles on your calf to the same extent as you can in the gym. Look for the required supplements and include healthy food in your diet, and do the following exercises.

Build Calf Muscles

Donkey calf raises:

Donkey calf raises can be done either by making use of machines or by getting the help of someone. Get into a bent position, with your hands holding something – perhaps a bench. Get someone on your back, and just raise your calves. The weight on your back is lifted by your calves, and this helps the calves become overloaded and gain muscle size. Repeat this for a certain number of sets and then relax your muscles. Instead of a person, you can also help yourself to a machine specifically designed for this exercise.

Seated calf raises:

Seated calf raises are also very simple. Here, you make use of a machine. The weight from the machine falls on your leg muscles and you have to push it hard with your calves. This can also be done without a machine. Just put some weight on your legs and raise your calf from a seated position.

Standing calf raises:

Standing calf raises are also effective, and for these, the weight on your shoulders has to be balanced only by your calves. To put more effort on the calves, you can stand on a small wooden block to raise your height off the ground. You can also perform the standing calf raises with just one leg. One-leg standing calf raises can be better than the two-legged raises as the entire weight is pushed up by the single calf.


Walking is a great exercise for getting a healthy, fit body, free from fat. Most of us go walking for reducing excess weight. Some may prefer to jog or run but certainly running and jogging are not going to help increase calf muscles, although they are effective at reducing fat. Walking for long distances regularly can increase the stability in your legs and, more importantly, it can increase calf muscles.

Aerobic box:

An aerobic box, which is for stepping up and down on, can help make your muscles fit for any sudden action. The efficiency of the calf muscles in responding with a sudden action is increased by working out with an aerobic box. It can also help improve the balance and stamina of the lean muscles on your legs. Do not carry any weights in your hands, which may slip and cause an accident.

These are just some of the exercises done for building strong calf muscles. You can also make use of a belt to do most calf exercises.

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