How to build chest muscles

Building muscle is possible only if we perform good quality workouts and eat only what we should; harmful substances such as tobacco and alcohol should not be taken at any time if you want to have a physique that others admire.

Build Chest Muscles

Most men wish to have big biceps and for some, a big chest is also a major goal. Building biceps is possible if we undergo some intensive workouts which stress the muscles in the arm. When enhancing certain parts of the body, we need to put in a lot of work to develop the muscles in that region. There are many approaches to increasing muscles in a single area, and the best is to eat healthy, and to do heavy lifts focusing on that region. For building chest muscles, you need to put more effort into exercises like those given below.


For any beginner who wishes to start with the workouts, he has to begin with push-ups. Push-ups are said to be basic exercises for any workout regime. It is advisable to begin any workout with push-ups. Push-ups can increase muscle buildup on your shoulders and on your upper chest. Keep your body stiff and straight, with your hands just a bit wider apart than your chest width. Continue with long sets. This can be difficult at first but then it can build your strength in the long run and help you increase reps.

Bench press:

Most exercises for building muscle mass in the chest are related to the bench press in some form. It is a perfect weight gain exercise which can also increase muscle mass in the triceps and shoulders. Pushing the entire weight away from the chest makes you feel the heat on the targeted muscles, which also means calories are being burned. The bench press can be done in two more ways for additional muscle gain.

  • Incline bench press – targets the upper chest
  • Decline bench press – targets the lower chest

Dumbbell bench press:

This exercise to increase chest muscles is also for improving strength equally on both sides. The pulling in and out of the chest from the central body line stretches the chest muscles and accords them greater tissue enlargement. The dumbbell bench press has to be done exactly in the specified position to get its full benefit, or it may be disadvantageous to your body. Pull in and out from the same position.

Bar dips:

This exercise is very effective for building chest muscles but is also good for the arms and shoulders. Here, the entire weight of our body falls on the chest and shoulders, which causes them to be enlarged. Hold the grip in parallel position and raise your body evenly. It is done without any weights and can be done anytime. It can be very difficult to begin performing this exercise. Do some push-ups and some arm exercises first before starting with this particular chest-building exercise. It takes some getting used to before you become comfortable with several reps of these bar dips.

Incline flies:

Incline flies can deliver an intensive workouts, which in some cases can only be done after you have trained a relatively large amount of chest and shoulder strength. These can increase chest muscles within a short period but they have to be done with the correct technique or they may cause muscle tearing. The full stretching of the chest muscles, from top to bottom, stresses the upper chest muscles and also gives the pecs a perfect shape.

These are just some of the exercises for building chest muscles.

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