How to build lean muscle

Building lean muscle is not difficult in itself, but it isn’t necessarily easy either. When building lean muscles you should be well aware of your current physiological condition, and you should be very determined and persistent. Building lean muscle is a gradual process which takes time and a considerable amount of effort.

Building Lean Muscle

How to build lean muscles – men:

  1. Calculate your body fat percentage. This can be done by using a body-fat scale or a body-fat analyzer. This is essential before making any changes to your exercises or your diet, so you could track the progress you’re making.
  2. Eat regularly, but calories from sweets and baked products should be avoided. The foods which must be consumed should also be rich in protein. An ideal food combination may be meat, fish, and raw vegetables. Avoid eating large meals; it is better to eat small meals more frequently, say, every 2 hours.
  3. Preference should be given to exercises like dead lifts and barbell squats in order to build lean muscles. Dumbbell training will also be more effective.
  4. During strength training, work on the so-called major muscle groups such as the glutes, quads, hamstrings, and the muscles of the abs, arms, shoulders, chest, and back.
  5. Exercises should be done regularly. If it is not done regularly, then your body will return to its original state. Reduce the consumption of alcohol and stop smoking.

How to build lean muscles – women:

Change the diet

Your diet plan must be changed in order to get lean muscles. For this, nutrients such as carbohydrates, proteins, and low-fat foods can be added to the diet list. Foods like lean beef, fish, chicken, legumes, beans, milk, yogurt, grains, cereals, vegetables, and fruits can be consumed. Also avoid eating larger meals; it would be better to eat six smaller meals at regular intervals. This is because doing so helps in increasing metabolism. It is also recommended that meals are eaten soon after doing workouts.

Get rest

Proper rest must be taken, and peaceful sleep is crucial when building lean muscles. This is because if you get tired during the workout then your body will not be able to handle other more strenuous exercises. You will feel very tired, without energy. And we know that muscles only grow when the exercises are progressively more strenuous. Because of this, proper rest and proper sleep are extremely necessary.

Track your body’s progress

There must be a constant analysis of the fat content in the body. Women who have 10 to 15% fat are considered to be lean; 21 to 25% is considered normal; while 26 to 32% is considered to be overweight. It is good, therefore, to monitor body fat at all times, and to maintain the percentage at 10 to 15%.

Diet for building lean muscles:

A proper diet should be maintained in order to build lean muscle. This diet is made use of for both men and women, and it should be followed regularly. The diet can have foods like lean meat, food rich in fiber, soybeans, egg whites, and whey protein. Each of the foods has special functions which all help in building lean muscle. Take adequate amounts of water as doing so could help increase metabolism and would make your workouts more effective.

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