How To Build Leg Muscle? Exercises To Build Leg Muscle

Building muscles is a serious process which has to be done with interest and a great deal of effort. If you depend entirely on a single exercise, your body structure may deteriorate. Even if you build big muscles on the upper part of your body, it is not enough to build on the front and back of your body, you also have to be aware of the sides. Your legs are also important, especially given that they lift the entire weight of the upper body which increases as you pack on extra muscle. For this reason, gym trainers normally provide muscle-building exercises not only for your torso but also for everything else below the hips. Here are some effective leg exercises that can be done to increase muscle strength and mass on your legs.

Build Leg Muscle


Most of us are familiar with squats, which can be done with just some kind of weight. All you need to do is to lift the weight onto your shoulders, bend, and then get up. This is good for stressing and subsequently enlarging the leg muscles. Squats can be done differently by using balls or dumbbells, or even with the use of a belt. A belt is tied to the foot, and the rest of the exercise is the same.

Step up:

Most athletes do some workout related to step up. This is very simple, and it involves having to carry some weight and step up on a height, and then get down. This climbing up and down on a step with weights puts stress on the entire leg, and both its upper and lower muscles become enlarged.

Seated calf raise:

This is for increasing the strength and muscle on your lower leg, which is the calf muscle. The weight is to be pushed hard by the foot and the entire power is generated from your calf which helps them grow bigger. Calf raises can also be done in a standing position. When they are done in the seated position they target the soleus muscle which is located underneath the gastrocnemius muscle which is the bulging muscle you can see easily on the calf.

Box jumps:

This box jump exercise is for making your leg muscles stronger and more powerful. You just need to jump from a height, which is the box, and then return to the ground, landing on your toes. Never try it out with heavy weights.

Those are just a few of the exercises that could be done in a gym or with some weights. They can improve the stability and strength on your legs.

Other leg muscle exercises

The following exercises do not even make use of weights, yet are very effective in building leg muscles:

  • Jogging
  • Bicycling
  • Walking

Jogging, bicycling and walking are great exercises for increasing stability and adding power to your leg muscles. Running may be risky for some, as it can damage some leg muscles or ligaments, but jogging and walking, although slow-acting, can assure you of effects without a lot of risks. They are also good for your cardiovascular system. Only a healthy internal system can make you truly fit, and this will manifest in the muscles. When performing any leg exercise, give preference to both your thighs and the calf muscles to get the greatest benefits.

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