How To Build Muscle For Women

Building muscles is not just a “guy thing” these days – even women are now body conscious and wish to have a physical appearance that’s fit and toned. If you are eager to build muscle but do not know much about accomplishing this goal, then here are some tips for you. Take these recommendations to heart and build muscle in as little time as possible.

Work out 3 to 4 times a week:

The first thing you have to plan is joining a gym which would have all the basic weight equipment. After joining, maintain a regular schedule for going to the gym and working out at least 3 to 4 times a week. This will be one of your most important moves to build muscles.

How To Build Muscle For Women

Train with heavy lifts:

Depending on your strength and capacity, choose the weight for the reps; do at least 5 to 6 reps per set. Additionally, three main exercises – the bench press, squats, and dead lifts – should be done regularly. Do not forget to take regular breaks between each set of exercises.

Make the duration short:

Shorten the length of time being spent for doing workouts in the gym. The reason is that mass building of muscles requires only a short workout period, but with great intensity.

Keep your focus:

Focus on weight training exercises like cardiovascular exercises. Cardiovascular exercises are very useful in burning the fat content in your body and in maintaining heart health. Cardiovascular exercises – or cardio, as they are called in gym parlance – should be done for only 45 minutes and should be done before doing any other exercise.

Have a healthy diet:

Whatever you consume should be good for your health in order to build muscle. There is no use working out day and night if what you consume is food that would promote fat storage, introduce toxins into your body, or slow down your metabolism. Foods which you must consume when your objective is to build muscles should be packed with nutrients and must have enough caloric content to compensate for the calories you burn during your workouts.

Have a diet plan:

It is always better to have a diet plan and to follow it regularly to aid muscle growth. Stick to the plan and avoid veering away from it.

Eat snacks:

Consuming snacks between meals is good when you are not working out. Doing so will keep your metabolism at a good rate and will also help in burning calories.

Build up to a strenuous work out:

Whatever workout is done, it should be done in increments – that is, from easy exercises to more difficult ones – in order to gain muscle and lose fat. Doing the same exercises over and over and not increasing the number of reps will not result in an increase in muscle mass. What you should aim for is the so-called “burn” – that feeling caused by lactic acid as it stimulates the growth of your muscles. So push as hard as you can while working out in the gym.

If you follow these tips then you are on your way to building the muscles you’re yearning for.

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