How To Build Shoulder Muscles

Building shoulder muscles is possible by performing some weight-oriented workouts. Whatever the workout may be, you have to be sure of your own body conditions and observe a healthy diet. The diet you follow has to provide sufficient protein for muscle buildup and enough energy to allow you work out a lot. Strong, broad shoulders are admired anywhere as a perfect symbol of strength. Broad shoulders can impress anyone and can command respect any way you look at it. Here are some heavy workouts that can help in increasing your shoulder muscles.

How To Build Shoulder Muscles

Overhead squat:

Squats are usually for increasing leg muscles but here, we will take a look at how they can build shoulder muscles. In this overhead squat, you have to be sure of the height you have to lift the weight. If you are a beginner, you will certainly find it difficult, but if you persist with the squats for several days it will become easier to do and more effective. With overhead squats, you could improve the stability of your shoulders. If you perform this squat for shoulder muscles, make sure that the back of your shoulders are also benefiting from the exercise.

Military press:

The military press is a very difficult exercise that can deliver an increase in shoulder muscles within a very short period. The military press cannot be accomplished by a beginner if you use heavy weights. It would be better if you get some arm strength  first before moving on to this. It is actually simple – just lift the barbell and rest it on your chest and push it upwards to the same level. Do not use your leg to push weights, as that would make it a push press, which is more suitable for overall body strength.

Dumbbell shoulder press:

The dumbbell shoulder press can stretch your muscles to a greater extent than if you were using a barbell. When you start this exercise, use only light weights that can be lifted without making you struggle. Be stable throughout the exercise. Push the weight in a straight position and bring it back with the same slow motion. Do not rush this process, which can cause muscle twists.

Hang clean and press:

Hang clean and press is a commonly advised exercise for increasing the size of your shoulder muscles. The shoulder muscles have to be stiffened but leave your knees, thighs, and ankles free and flexible. Grab the weight in a position where your hands come out from your knees. Lift the weight to your chest and lower it to your thighs. Repeat it and increase the number of reps as the days go by.

Upright barbell rows:

Upright barbell rows are very difficult and cannot easily be done by a beginner with little strength in his shoulders. He has to get a lot of training for strength before undertaking this exercise. Here, you have to lift and lower the weight only by moving your elbows. The entire weight has to be pulled up only by your arm and shoulder.

Dumbbell raise:

Dumbbell raises can be done either laterally or with a front posture. These can give you strong shoulder muscles in a relatively short period. Just sit in a comfortable position and then raise and lower the weight.

These are just a few of the exercises that can increase muscle in your shoulders.

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