How To Have Fast Metabolism- Improve Body Metabolism Rate

Metabolism is the process by which the food we consume gets broken down to liberate energy. Metabolism is the key for every function occurring in our body and if metabolism is slowed down the rate of growth is also lowered. Metabolism takes place in our liver which acts to fragment particles to release energy. Metabolism can be boosted to increase the growth of muscles and this can happen if you increase your intake of foods, with the exception of fat. Fat is an important food material that can slow down metabolism. Aside from the food you eat, your regular habits can also have an effect on your metabolism. Here are some important measures to take in order to increase metabolism.

Fast Metabolism-Improve Body Metebolism Rate

Know your metabolic rate:

To increase your metabolic rate, it is a must for you to know your current metabolic rate. The metabolic rate of a person can be determined from one’s resting state. If your current metabolic rate is not ideal, then you have to know which foods are causing trouble. Most often, those foods rich in fat are usually the cause of the problem for the liver. The best results can be attained if the amount of calories consumed is burned completely. You should then involve yourself in activities that can increase the use of fat as a fuel source.

Plan your diet:

Fast metabolism can be better attained by increasing the intake of foods rich in protein and carbs which can be easily digested. If you consume foods rich in fat, you will only be straining your digestive system as well as the metabolic rate. The secretions for digesting fat have to be increased in order to digest fat completely, and this collapses body balance by disturbing the alkaline levels. Fat settles in the liver, consequently slowing down its functions and thus reducing the metabolic rate. Eat more fresh vegetables and raw organic products and at the same time avoid junk foods and other oily dishes. Avoid alcohol and other drugs, which can damage the lungs.

Eat frequently instead of having heavy meals:

Increasing food intake to increase the metabolic rate is not a good idea; rather, it makes the system even more defective. If a small amount of food is sent for fragmentation, the liver can do it effectively; if a large amount of food is sent for digestion, then it has to work double time. To allow the organ to work more efficiently, the best practice is to eat smaller portions at regular intervals.


You can burn a lot of calories if you exercise. Both aerobic and heavy weight trainings can give the effect of calorie burn. Burning calories means you burn a lot of fat. With your regular diet, the entire food consumed has to be burned, and more importantly, fat has to be burned. If you discontinue or interrupt your exercises, your body gets enough energy from the easily soluble foods so stored fat remains undisturbed, causing slow metabolism. Intense workouts can release this fat and revitalize your metabolism.

Hydrate regularly:

Water is extremely essential for a healthy body. Water consumed can cleanse our systems, energizing the blood vessels and enabling them to transport more oxygen through the entire organ system. The toxins are efficiently excreted when sufficient amounts of water are consumed daily.

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