Is It Possible To Build Muscle Without Weights?

Is there a way to build muscle without weights?

Many people who are eager to build muscle unfortunately do not have enough time to go to a gym and do heavy workouts. If this sounds like you, there are some some other simple exercise that will help you gain muscles without weights.

Build Muscle Without  Weights

The most important factor in gaining muscle is stressing the muscle progressively a little more than it is used to each time, which forces the muscle to grow in order to cope with the increased load. The stress mentioned here can be achieved not just with the use of weights in the gym; it can also be achieved with exercises use your own body weight for resistance.

People who are not willing to go to the gym or handle heavy weights can build muscle by simply engaging in a body weight workout program. The body weight workout is done focusing on both the upper body and the lower body.

Lower body exercises:

Jump squats

In order to perform this exercise, you should move down to a full-squat position and should jump from the floor to your maximum height, which is as high as is manageable for you. As soon as you land on the floor from a jump, move back to the squat position.


The step-ups should be high enough and should bring the rep range higher while at the same time slowing down the tempo. If the step-up exercise is done this way, there is a greater likelihood of muscle building.

Half- to full-stationary lunge

Assume a position similar to one where you’re doing a single stationary lunge. Start the movements and halt at the halfway point of when you are doing the typical lunge movement. After that, reverse the direction beginning at the starting position and continue with the full lunge motion in order to complete one full set.

Single leg rising dead lift

Set yourself in an upright, straight position and either of your legs from the floor to your back. Simultaneously bend your body so that both your head and leg should touch and it should be perpendicular to the leg you are standing on. Stay in the same position for a single count and repeat the same with the other leg.

Upper body exercises:


A standard push-up should be done in which two seconds are spent for the decline movement and one second is spent for the rise. Another variation is that when you return to the top of the movement again, you can flip to the side and perform a side plank.

Pull-up with pike

As usual, start with a regular pull-up movement. After reaching the bottom of the movement, move into a pike and try raising the legs to at least your waist level. After this is completed, continue with the next pull up.

Single leg triceps dips

Go to a standard dip position using  a bench or a box. After making sure you are balanced well, lift of your legs and perform the triceps dips. After completing it, try it out again with the other leg.

Follow all these instructions in order to gain muscle without gaining weight (fat). These body weight workouts must be done regularly in order to get the best results.

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