Lean Muscle Building Diet – Foods That Help Build Lean Muscle

Having a perfect muscular physique is the dream of many people who have been teased as being scrawny. They try their best to add bulk and put in a lot of effort towards achieving this end, but very few meet with success. There are some basics to be learned before jumping into a plan for building lean muscles. Be sure of what your body can tolerate and then plan a regime. Don’t get into a heavy workout plan straight off the bat, which might make you even skinnier. You need to know what kind of food, habits, and exercises your body requires; determine what these are and then proceed with building lean muscle without any interruptions. Here are some key foods you should be eating in order to gain lean muscle fast.

Lean Muscle Building Diet Foods


Beef is an important food item to be added to your diet to increase lean muscle. There are many foods that can help you bulk up, but to get lean muscle, you have to make your selection from the best sources. Beef has B-vitamins, protein, zinc, iron, and cholesterol, which are essential for the formation of lean muscles.

Brown rice:

Brown rice provides us with energy that can be used for the entire day. It has a low glycemic index and gets digested only after strenuous training, and this is essential for providing our bodies with energy for longer periods. Most of the food we consume is relatively refined and burned very quickly which means that you can’t depend on it for energy during long workouts.


Oranges are rich in multivitamins, which are essential for muscle growth, strength, and endurance. It’s not just oranges that we can benefit from; most fruits can provide these results as well, so try to eat a lot of fresh organic fruits to increase lean muscles.


Eggs have both cholesterol and immense amounts of protein. Protein from eggs can increase the growth and therefore the strength in our lean muscles, thereby helping us work more rapidly.

Cottage cheese:

Casein is a form of protein that is found in most protein supplements, and this substance is available in abundance. If you wish to get more protein for your lean muscles, better choose creatine and whey protein, which can increase the strength and endurance of lean muscles.


Spinach and most green leafy vegetables are good for lean muscles. Amino acids and glutamine are essential for the growth of lean muscles, and these essential nutrients are abundant in  spinach.


Polyphenols are substances found in apples and they are necessary to help protect our muscles from tearing and muscle fatigue. Apples can be consumed before your intense workout to gain quick energy to perform your workouts better.

Chicken breast:

The protein content in chicken breast is said to be one of the best forms of protein that can help you gain strength and endurance. As a quality protein it should be added to your weekly meal schedule for building lean muscle.

It’s not just your diet that can make you bulkier or leaner; it is the type of exercises you carry out along with these diets that would help you get the desired effects. Don’t jump into heavy workouts that you believe will make you heavy and bulky right away. Instead, first try light workouts and gradually increase your reps and weights to avoid injury.

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