Muscle Building Exercises for Fast Muscle Growth

You cannot build muscles just by eating a healthy diet. Your healthy diet must be accompanied with proper exercises to build strong and attractive muscles in a short period of time. Exercises will stimulate muscle growth when you do it right and regularly. There is a misconception that eating a lot of protein rich foods will make your muscles bigger. But that’s not true. Your body will become shapeless if you eat a lot of protein rich foods without performing any workouts.

The food we consume must be completely utilized by our body without any residue. Just by eating more, you can build muscles. But that won’t make you an attractive public figure. It will also cause fat deposits in your body. If you wish to build massive fit muscles, there is no other way than following a regular routine of exercises. When you exercise, your body will liberate the maximum energy by utilizing all the calories which will enhance muscle growth.

Muscle Building Workouts

Below are few exercises that will help you to build muscles faster. These workouts burn the most calories in your body, so make sure you follow a healthy diet plan to compensate the energy spent during exercises and also to provide sufficient energy for muscle growth.

Dead lifts:

Dead lift is the best exercise for increasing the overall body weight. Dead lift increases the overall strength of the body by causing movements in the entire muscle system. Maximum muscle gain when performing dead lift is noticed in the regions mid to lower portions of our back. Entire weight of the body acts on these regions and hence causes an increase in strength and muscle mass. The procedure to do this workout is to keep your hands lifting heavy weights, outside your knees. This is to ensure that both the hands and legs get power at the same time.

Bench press:

Bench press is another universal muscle building exercise performed around the world. This favours weight gain and muscle growth. You cannot skip this exercise during your workout session. Body builders always try to provide their maximum performance in bench press, since it gives fast and best results. Performing bench press is easy, lay down in the bench and push the weight straight over your chest. When you lower it down, Make sure you don’t move it lower or above your chest. Also take care that you don’t rest the weights on your chest and also not to lift your butts during workout.


Squat is considered as another important muscle building exercise similar in purpose to dead lifts. In this workout, the entire weight falls on your back and lower region. This will provide massive strength to your legs. Initially begin with light weights and then gradually use heavier weights. Place your arms wider than your chest. Your position must resemble a person sitting on a chair. Don’t shake your hands or legs. Keep them still and proceed with the workout. You will witness faster results with squats.

Military Press And Dead lifts With Straight Legs:

Military press is an intense muscle building workout which gives you very good results in a short span. It also improves your shoulder strength and muscle mass. Doing this exercise is simple. You need to rest on your lower and push the weight over your shoulders. Entire weight will act on your shoulder. The results will be equal to that of dead lifts.  Dead lifts can also be performed by changing your leg position. By having your legs in a straight position and lifting weights, it will cause more intensity to the upper portion causing increase muscle formation.

When you try these workouts for the first time, make sure you do it in front of a professional trainer.

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