What Is Muscle Confusion? What Are Muscle Confusion Workouts?

Building muscle mass is possible only if you get into a well planned workout schedule. Aside from the workout, well-planned diets must be followed to get more pronounced effects per unit of effort. You have to eat a lot of healthy food and give your maximum effort in intense workouts. Workout plans aren’t the same for everyone and each person is unique in body composition and fitness level. Because of this it is important that each person assesses what their own body requires. A muscle confusion workout is a type of workout that can be used to great effect by a lot of people, however you need to understand when to use it otherwise it is no more useful than any other tool. Basically it gives your body a variety of stressors that it is not used to, thereby ‘shocking’ your muscles to develop again after a period of plateau.

Muscle Confusion Workouts

Why is there a need for muscle confusion?

Muscle confusion workouts are essential in order for us to get the best ‘bang for your buck’ with respect to increasing muscle mass. This is because of the resistance effect in our body. When you are working out intensely, you normally stress a particular muscle, and this region becomes “aware” of this stress and gets used to it. You can often see this in the diminishing returns that you get as you perform exercises for a long time. There will be a rapid change at the start, and then the effect is reduced as the workouts progress over the coming days, weeks and months. The best thing to do to prevent this tapering off in effect is to change the grips, reps, and timings. This is the reason why most bodybuilders frequently keep changing their grips. Even if you are a beginner, muscle confusion can be handy.

Best muscle confusion workout:

You can start your muscle confusion plan immediately. The procedure is very simple and can be done on your own. Get to a gym, do some stretching, and perform some basic workouts. Now, all you need to do next is start with any tool that is in front of you. Do not worry about the sequence or number of reps or duration or anything else; just work out with what you’ve got. Change the reps, grips, and other factors, and soon you’ll start noticing the effects. Really you are just experimenting with exercises or weights or reps that you would not normally be used to. Most often, people do the dumbbell curls and get vexed that they don’t get the same results week after week. For people like these, muscle confusion is the best remedy.

Muscle confusion meal plan:

In muscle confusion, you tend to divert from a routine to sort of challenge the muscles. This same technique would be used for your meals. A muscle confusion diet doesn’t mean that you have to change your nutrition. You need not eat carbs instead of your usual protein-packed meals; rather, you have to change your timings. If you normally have your pre-workout meal and a post-workout meal, simply have your post-workout meal first before the workout, and then have the pre-workout meal after the intense workout.

Is it worth it?

Muscle confusion is not a recognized plan even though many bodybuilders get the effects they’re looking for. On the other hand, muscle confusion is also considered by some to be a useless plan, which can never bring about any beneficial effect. These detractors claim that you can gain muscle only by following the basics, including increasing protein intake and decreasing fat intake. These traditional bodybuilders believe that you can stick to your regular exercises such as the deadlifts, squats, and bench presses, and all you have to do is vary the load – that is, increase the weight.  The truth is that both groups could be right, as we mentioned before that what works for one doesn’t necessarily work for another, and vice-versa. So the next time you hit a plateau, give a muscle confusion workout a go and see if it works for you.

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