Biceps Curls and It’s Benefits

Athletes most often try to enhance their biceps rather than other muscle groups. Muscle gain in the arms has long been desired by men the world over as it gives a strong impression. Building strong and huge biceps can help you perform hard work more easily than the average man. Before undergoing an intense workout, try to figure out a perfect plan for a diet. Ensure that this diet will provide you with sufficient energy to perform all your workouts without straining yourself. Here are some of the best exercises to build bigger, stronger biceps.

Biceps Curls and It's Benifits

Standing barbell curl:

The standing barbell curl is one effective exercise to enhance the muscles in your arm. Normally, whenever you lift weights, it puts tension on your biceps. That is exactly what you do in this particular exercise. Just lift the barbell on a standing position without moving your upper body. Do the lift only with your arm and shoulder. Hold the barbell in a position where your hands are a little wider than your chest. Don’t shake your body, and pull the entire weight from a perfect stationary position. If you are not sure of the weight, wear a belt before proceeding with the routine.

Dumbbell curl:

In this exercise, only need to make a simple replacement. Instead of a barbell, you have dumbbells in your hand, and the rest is the same. Lift the dumbbell with one hand. Lift the dumbbell up to your chest and release it slowly to a certain level. Don’t free your wrist, and keep it stiff and steady.

Hammer curl:

In this bicep exercise, you have to change the position of the dumbbell. The dumbbell has to be straight, and you should refrain from moving your body while the dumbbell is being lifted and brought down.

Supinated bent-over rows:

This is said to be more effective in increasing muscle mass on your biceps. You have to pull a weight that is tied to a pulley. This exercise is good for biceps and also for your upper back muscles such as the lats, delts, and traps. Additionally, instead of pulling weights from the ground you can also lift weights as deadlifts.


This is a normal pull-up where you raise yourself higher until your chin goes beyond the bar you are pulling up from. Grab the pull-up bar or any bar on a height with your palms facing you, and make sure your legs are off the ground. Don’t shake your body, and give full effort from your arms alone. Be careful with your chin as it might get injured on the bar.

Flexed arm hang:

This is also a workout similar to pull-ups, but where you don’t pull but just hang in a perfect position. Grab the bar with your palms facing you, and then lift yourself and hold the position for some time. The entire weight has to be falling on the biceps.

If you are a beginner, it would be better to avoid the curls, which are more difficult to execute, and instead depend on other exercises. Start from a lower count and then progress to higher counts and with heavier weights. You should begin only with pull-ups or other exercises without using weights.

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